Children indoor playground
Children indoor playground2016-06-29

Children playground contains more than 100 Items ,like ocean ball ,trampoline ,chain bridge ,tunnel slide ;interactive games and so on .children can drilling,climb Drilling, climb, slide, swing, jump, roll, shake,and other ways to keep fit and make them more smart ,and accept different culture . and Stimulated children' s curiosity,exploring desire,and advanced their team work and adventurous spirit and their abilities of cognition,adjustments balance .


Trampoline children can exercise limbs, increase muscle strength. Trampoline can effectively strengthen children abdominal muscle, psoas muscle, back muscle, limb support force, and strengthen the muscle strength of lower limbs exercise, a series of conditioned reflex training on a trampoline, so that children through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, in brain to establish contact, can make the child moves become sensitive, the muscles became developed.